How will Rookie Tackle Football be played?
Rookie Tackle Football will be a fully-suited, 7 on 7 man version of play. It will be a Jamboree-type setting throughout the course of the season. Please see below for comprehensive list of rules as currently established via TVYFL.

Why is Aloha moving to this model for 3rd/4th grade players now?
Rookie tackle will be mandated by the state by 2019. Our board of directors felt timing was crucial here for our program. With 9,300 youth programs in the country, we will be just one of 11 associations piloting this program. By getting ahead of the mandate, we'll be able to set the course for how rookie tackle will look and feel for years to come. In the coming weeks, you may notice heavy nationwide media attention on this program, including Good Morning America, Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN, USA Today, as well as local press to follow.

Will the cost be the same?
Yes. The only change is game play. AYF's cost to run the program remains the same. Players will still be fully padded. Practice and game fields, as well as secondary insurance will still need to be paid for.

How much playing time will my player receive?
A lot! Each team will consist of 14 players*. In higher grades, player count can rise to 30. With a much smaller team number at lower grades, you can be assured your player will get as much play as he/she would like, not to mention the opportunity to try different positions on the field.

*This may change by way of a plus/minus of one player depending on final registration numbers. Stay tuned!

Are there any weight restrictions for ball carriers in rookie tackle football?
No. Due to a shortened playing field, any player can carry the ball. This is great news for kids that have been relegated to lineman positions due to size restrictions. Our coaching staff will be trained in and maintain USA Football standards of matching kids with like-size and ability.

Can my player be quarterback? Will they stay a lineman?
All players will be able to experience all positions. For one quarter each game, players will be on the line. At halftime they will switch and play in a skilled position, and vice versa.

What will this mean for 2nd graders wanting to play tackle football?
Second graders are not allowed to play rookie tackle as per league rules. Aloha youth flag football is an excellent option for them!

Is this being rolled out due to safety concerns for the sport?
While safety is and will remain the number one most important factor for our coaching staff, rookie tackle is not a response to safety concerns. Establishing rookie tackle football is an effort to meet the developmental needs of our young players. Much like T-ball, U8 soccer and youth basketball, with younger levels starting out on smaller fields and lower basketball rims, rookie tackle football facilitates progress as players move through the program. This helps develop a clearer understanding of and fosters a love for the game that will transcend throughout their football career.

Is all of TVYFL moving to this rookie tackle model? Will we have other teams to play?
Although this will be mandated by the state in 2 years, not all of TVYFL programs are moving to the rookie tackle model yet. Aloha is in a unique position to lead the pack! Fourteen other TVYFL teams will be launching the program with us this season, so there will be plenty of other teams to play against.

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