The complete Rules for Rookie Tackle as of 6/1/2017 are listed below.

  • No weight limit for ball carriers
  • Play inside the numbers
  • Ball is always placed in the middle of the playing field after each play
  • No special teams
  • Every player plays every position
  • 2 point stance only
  • Players will play line for 1 quarter then switch to a skilled position the next quarter
  • 2 quarters acting as lineman, 2 quarters in a skilled position
  • Defensive linebackers 4 yards off
  • Defense- one player 10 yards off
  • Defensive linemen head up no one over the center
  • No QB sneaks allowed
  • Extra point attempt: 1 point from 3-yard line, 2 points from the 5-yard line
  • Four 10 minute running clock quarters
  • Time will stop when an injury occurs
  • Two time outs per half
  • No Scores will be up on the scoreboard, just the time
  • Two minutes between each quarter
  • Ten minute halftime
  • Jamboree setting all season 40 yard line
  • Medal game week 8
Aloha is thrilled to be a part of this program and we're so excited to have your son or daughter be on board!

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